Google Positioning

Getting on the first page of Google or any other search engine should be your primary business focus.

Let me ask you “how many pages do you go back when using search engines?” You probably answered you only go to the first page… maybe in special circumstances you go past 2-3 pages. And that’s because you can’t find what you need and you have to go more pages deep. Correct?

Other people are no different. In fact, I ask this question all the time and everyone answers the first page only!

So if that is the case and you agree, shouldn’t that be paramount in your marketing efforts? Of course!

This is where the expert is necessary because there are a lot of fakes out there. Let’s take the diamond business as an example, can you tell a real one from a fake one? Probably not because it takes training to be able to do that. That’s why people study to become gemologists.

Fortunately you don’t have to get any training to know if you choose the right webmaster or SEO specialist. It’s easy, just check the results they get for their clients.  But don’t be fooled!

It’s easier to get someone on the first page if there is no competition! The more competition there is in your target market, the harder it is to compete! We have some clients in low competitive markets that get on the first page of Google 4 times! We have other clients who play in very competitive markets, yet we still manage to get them on the first page and sometimes right at the top of the page.

Another factor of getting to the first page of Google is staying there!

It’s easy to backlink the death out of your site with all the backlink strategies promoted today to get to the first page. However, Google is opposed to this type of trickery and will take you off the page if they catch you. In business, you can’t afford to play this type of game. Once you get there, you want to stay, right? Of course, this is a huge benefit to a lifetime of new customers!

Our strategy is very simple… provide Google the quality they demand to keep you ahead of your competition and on the first page. This usually takes a little longer but is well worth it in the long term.

If you want more targeted customers coming to your business the Google way, contact us by phone or email and we can offer you a free consultation to determine your needs and return on investment. When it’s convenient for you, contact Angela at 0413 945 044 or We are happy to assist in growing your business!